Hotel Villa Fortuna owners, Bijavica family, possess the travel agency Fortuna Tours founded in 1989.

Today we have three branch offices in the town of Mostar. It provides a full tourist service: selling air and boat tickets, professional guides, excursions and transfers by luxurious vehicles from the airport of Split, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, etc. All the cars are of a high class and not older than one year.


In this karst area in the south of our country you can see (in a small space) various natural beauties and cultural heritage from old times.


Bus ride to a a place above the town, which gives a splendid view of the Mostar valley. In past times many cultures and religions have left traces of their presence. and we wish to show them to you. The magnificient Old Bridge with old town, included in 2005 into UNESCO's List of world cultural heritage, with its towers, oriental shops, smells of various specialities of oriental cuisine, returns you into times of a few hundred years ago. Traces of those times can be seen in the old Bazaar, mosque, museum of Herzegovina, or a typical "Turkish house", where we will take you.


Artistic colony and museum town from 16th century - Pocitelj - is one of the stops in the tour of Herzegovina.


Mogorjelo - archeological excavations from 4th century in the vicinity of Čapljina.


The Kravice waterfall on the Trebižat river will delight you with its magnificient look.

Franciscan monastery in Humac

Besides a rich archeological collection, the museum of Franciscan monastery Humac also has the oldest written monument in this area - the Humac Slab from 1185.


Twelve kilometres away from Mo¬star is Blagaj, the town in which is one of the strongest karst springs in Europe. Beneath a big rock by the spring there is a house called dervish Tekia, today an attractive cultural monument, built probably around the turn of 16th century.

Monastery Žitomislić

On the way to Stolac we will stop at Žitomislici Monastery, which was built for the first time in 15th century.


The trips goes on to Stolac, in which is the most beautiful and the most significant necropolis of "stecaks", the original BH tombstones. In the area of Stolac there are also excavations and archeological sites from the paleolitic age and 3rd century BC.


In the vicinity of Trebinje we will visit one of the biggest European karst caves Vjetrenica, explored for about 6100 m. It is famous for its rare endemic species, like human fish.


The final destination of this trip is the center of eastern Herzegovina - the town of Trebinje, with Arslanagic's Bridge from the Turkish period and other worthwhile sights.


29 km west of Mostar is one of the most famous and visites places of pilgrimage in the word. This place has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world since 1981, when Virgin Mary began giving messages of peace to the visionaries. Besides sightseeing there is also a rich religius program. Join us and feel the spirit of Međugorje.

Rafting on the river Neretva

Rafting is doubtlessly one of our most exciting trips. Five kilometres away from Boračko Lake, in a place called Ban-vir in a picturesque hut of HIT-Raft, you will be served domestic specialities: fish from the Neretva, barbecue, specialy prepared dishes etc. And of course you will be met by experienced rafters with whom you will safely travel down the beautiful green river. Boat ride takes about five hours and gets you to the village of Džajici, from where you will be taken back to Ban-Vir. Come with us through the deep Neretva gorge and feel the beauty of unspoilt nature.

Canoe safari on the Trebižat river

This river adventure takes you to interesting karst places in Herce­govina. Before the trip you will get instructions on behavior during canoeing. Then we will start, and in the afternoon we will stop somewhere downstream in order to have a rest, enjoy the scenerv, bathe in transparent river, and have lunch. Rested and refreshed, we continue to a place called Struge, where our river adventure ends.


Bosnia and Hercegovina is still an unexplored countrv. Few are those who know her great beauty, unspoilt nature and mountain scenery. Just 10 km away from Mostar is Podveležje, an ecotourism zone lately. This is an ideal place for hiking and mountaineering, since above it is the mountain of Velež (around 1900 m a.s.l.). Podveležje is known for traditional cheese making, good quality honey and medicinal herbs. After a long walk we will have lunch in the "Sunce" restaurant. In the afternoon we go back to Mostar.

Hutovo Blato

Nature park Hutovo Blato is one of better known winter habitats of birds of passage. It is around 30 km south of Mostar in the swampy part of the Neretva valley. From Mostar we get there in a little less than an hour. Then we get into a boat and sail for about an hour through the sunny canal to Deransko Lake. Hutovo Blato is the habitat of tens, of different kinds of swamp birds and fishes. After seeing the park we have lunch in the Karaotok restaurant, and then we go back to Mostar. On the way back we will stop at Pocitelj, a museum town with an artistic colony.

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